This is… Rook with the Pointed Hat

Hello there and welcome to my little blog. Welcome to the Rook with the Pointed Hat… Wait, that doesn’t sound right… Greetings, I’m the Rook with the Pointed Hat except that I’m really not, I’m called Jakinus (not my irl name). Whatever.

Here you’ll find the opinions, thoughts, comments, ramblings and rants of a regular guy, maybe your neighbor’s, your not-so-close friend’s, that guy from the market’s; of someone you shouldn’t care about but, nonetheless, I’ll try to make you care about them, I’ll make you want to hear (read) more of what I say (write) because that’s my goal, that’s the goal of the Rook with the Pointed Hat.

But be aware, first and foremost, I am a human, second and not-so-foremost, I’m not a native english speaker so you WILL find errors in my gramar, ortography and caligraphy. Also you won’t find this kind of prose too often in my writings in this blog, I’m just trying to sweet-talk you into reading my stuff. Also I have no real “aim” for this blog, I’ll write about everything: from Video games to movies, from books to visual novels, from chinese cartoons or Anime, like the say, to chinese cartoons made in the west; also I’m quite fond to cooking, so you might read about it here.

I hope your time here is time well-spent, I really do. The thought that someone might not enjoy reading what I post and leaving and not returning pains me (see? That’s more like the kind of stuff you’ll read here).


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